Phoenix Blade


    The dark ally to which you have walked down holds seemingly endless surprises with every step. Shadows leap and bound and dance in a symbiotic chorus with the pale moon. Cats jump and run towards your feet and dash around them. Its almost as if some conscious force is trying to stop you from going any further. But, your destination is just ahead of you. You can hear the creaking of the ancient sign hung on rusted chain swinging in the soft air. Despite the alley being laden with debris and trash, the breeze smells soft and sweet and washes over you with memories of home cooked meals, warm fireplaces, and gentle company.

    Foot step after foot step carefully avoiding the clutter of cats and the strewn litter from the past, you have made it to the doors of the remote, and not very famous, bar- The Phoenix Blade. It’s architecture is reminiscent of ages steeped in chivalry, yet refined with modern technology. The heavy wooden planks that create the exterior give the illusion to a road side in from the medieval era. The entrance, a heavy wooden door with tarnished hinges and weather worn wood, has been worn down by years of use.  A outline of a heavy knocker, now lost in the annuals of time, tantalizes the imagination with fantasies of what this door used to conceal from the outside world.

    Surprisingly, the door swings open with a gentle push. The echoes of emotions pour forth like a rushing wild fire, threatening to consume you. But, instead, rolls over you with a phantom touch. The smells of hot food and alcohol slowly creep to you senses and awakens a hunger that you had forgotten about. It is the hunger of home.

    “Welcome to the Phoenix Blade.” some one whispers to you. “Have a seat and enjoy.”


Welcome to the vision in my eyes.

Everything in today’s world effects us in some way. The way we perceive things will differ from individual to individual for a verity of reasons. The Phoenix Sword is my safe haven to vent my creative vision. It is my portal, my stage, my bar to get drunk on the words that come forth from the tap of the muses.